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Archive | August, 2012

Microsoft and Apple Still At It

Even if the main protagonists have grown older or has passed on, the divide between Microsoft and Apple still remains and is expected to continue well into the future. One sign of such division is the claim that Microsoft’s Surface may prove Apple to be wrong.

The Windows Surface Tablet is 3mm thick with a Touch Cover Keyboard. This is their latest assault on the claim of Apple that the wave of the future is the tablet. Microsoft’s new offering is the transformable tablet — a tablet and laptop in one. The whole article can be found here.

For its part, Apple returns to its roots, providing amongst the most powerful laptops in the world today. It has recently unveiled the Retina Macbook. This is again a reiteration of the Jobs philosophy, we define what people want. The full report can be found here.

Let the games begin.

Lack of Updates

Just stopping in to apologize for the lack of updates recently. This website is one of several I maintain, and it’s been a busy past few weeks. I sprained my ankle playing soccer and was bed-ridden for a good week and a half, and I’ve been overly busy working on Korea Job Finder. Not that any of that’s really an excuse for a month and a half of no updates, but still… Can’t blame a guy for tryin’, right? :D

Anyway, I have a few articles in the queue that I’m about to get started on, so that should end this blog’s almost 2-month dry spell. I’m thinking about expanding the topic of this blog to include technology news in general, since I love new gadgets, and news worthy of being reported on in the search-engine and social realm is not exactly frequent. Thoughts? The blog would still cover the same topics, but posts would be more frequent as it would cover other topics as well.

Anyway, expect more updates soon, and if you follow this blog, let me know what you think about expanding to cover technology news as well.