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Fair Play Still Must Reign – A Commentary on the use of Negative SEO

With the new playing field set by Google’s “Penguin” update, there are new moves being undertaken by many webmasters and SEO specialists throughout the world. Negative SEO has again taken the spotlight, especially in light of the most recent developments online.

To the uninitiated, negative SEO is the practice of creating hundreds or thousands of spammy backlinks to a competitor’s website. This results in Google labeling the page as a spam site and penalizing it, resulting in the competitor being taken out of the picture.

Clearly, this is not fair play. This is a dirty tactic employed by those who do not have the acumen to develop their own sites and instead opt to crash other sites for their own benefit.

Google needs to develop a system to weed out this practice. The Internet is said to be the new frontier, where every man with the means and creativity should be able to make it with hard work and patience. Doing negative SEO is not about cultivating a website to be picked up in ranking because of its content. It is about torpedoing the good hard work of an individual in order to get ahead.

Each individual needs to work on their own sites and rank accordingly based on their own merit. Negative SEO is not something that can be overlooked. People put in their life savings into SEO projects in the hope that they strike it rich. Targeting these individuals to get ahead is what is called a crab mentality, allowing not the best to thrive but instead be brought down because of the machinations of another entity.

In real life, this is a criminal offense, but tracking this down is not the government’s work anymore. As the new frontier, Google makes the rules and enforces them. They manage the rules on ranking and creates the culture wherein people make money or lose it. As for negative SEO, this is one way that Google’s vaunted machinery can help the individuals that play by the rules stay safe from these marauders. Regardless of ethics and capitalist theory, playing fair would help in making the world a better place.

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