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Matthew Inman on Viral Marketing

Are you familiar with Matthew Inman? If not, you should be. Former CTO at SEOmoz, he’s also one of the most creative marketers on the Internet. He has used web-comics, online quizzes, and infographics as the basis for several massively successful viral marketing campaigns.

In this (unfortunately short) video, he talks about some of his experiences.

This video is just full of gold. I’d actually recommend taking notes.

You can check out his current website The Oatmeal for his more recent comics.

Companies: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

I’m sure everyone by now has seen Dollar Shave Club’s hilarious commercial on YouTube. This is a prime example of a trend that’s gradually becoming more and more obvious: if you make life a bit more entertaining for the masses, it’s a lot easier to get your message across.

This is an older TED talk, but it’s another brilliant example of how comedy can help people get behind a good cause. Anyone remember Mr. Splashy Pants?

Think of how much wider an audience Greenpeace received because of this campaign (albeit an unintentional one in this case). But there’s a lesson to be learned here: if you don’t take yourself too seriously, your consumers will thank you for it.

Even if your goal is to change the world, it’s ok to be entertaining along the way. Live a little. Have some fun.