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The Eternal Struggle: Google vs Apple

In a new venue for business, Google and Apple are again butting heads. This is in the value of voice search applications, Google has recently introduced a voice search app that is able to support natural language queries very much like Apple’s Siri.

In the iPhone 5, the much improved Siri responds quickly to voice questions and then quickly lists possible options to answer to the question. On the other hand, Google’s version is able to respond in a similar fashion but is focused on weather, sports, stocks and travel information. It also is able to provide dining options, trivia bits, language translation and even does math all at a faster speed than Siri.

This Google app can also be transplanted into the iPhone 5, though it requires a few more steps – you have to open the app before doing a search. This is because of proprietary software apple has in its iOS, making it unable to add widgets as well as perform functions for third party apps. While this isn’t much of chore, Siri on the other hand can be launched simply by voice.

The major difference that the Siri has over the Google app (in the iPhone) is that Siri can make reservations, create calendar appointments and pen messages into Gmail. Siri reminds you of upcoming appointments or calendared events and traffic updates. Siri can help find where you are and draw a map out to get to where you want to go, by turn by turn voice guidance. These are functions the Google App still is unable to do, though some of them are native in the Android app.

As of the moment, the Google App is still a search tool while Siri is a few steps away from becoming a full-fledged digital assistant. Well, that’s for now and who knows what will happen in the future.


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