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The MS Surface in a Nutshell

The explosion of the number of tablet options available in the market today has helped in driving costs to affordable levels. The number of available units to choose from has become quite confusing and the following is a discussion on the top level tablets in the market today, namely the Microsoft Surface, the Nexus 10, the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HD.

The Microsoft Surface is a Windows RT tablet with many features making it one of the most versatile and flexible tablets in the market today. This tablet boasts of a micoSDXC card slot allowing for an extra 64 GB of memory. It also has an HD video output port to allow the user to use a monitor, television or on a screen. It has standard sized USB ports allowing for wireless connectivity with devices such as a mouse or a Bluetooth headset. The crème of the functionality though is the Touch Cover, as it allows not only a more stylish cover in black or in another specialty color, but increases its ability to resist spills and when folded back disables the keystroke function making it a fully touch screen device. The only drawback is that the Touch Cover is an additional cost over and above the cost of the unit. The Surface RT prices start at $499 without the touch cover.

The Google Nexus 10 is one of the most powerful tablets in the world today. It utilizes the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS with a Quad-core Mali T604 GPU and Dual Core A15 processor. This alone gives it the power at the same level of PCs with high demand for speed and graphics. The popularity of the Google Play store makes it versatile and functional as well as customizable to the needs of the user. It has an HD screen measuring in at 10.055” with a 1280×800 resolution with Corning Gorilla glass, making it scratch resistant. Unlike the Surface which has a regular USB connector, the Nexus has a Micro USB connection allowing for mini to full HDMI output. Another plus factor is its price, only at US$399 for the wifi only version.

The iPad Mini was created mainly to compete in the 7” tablet category and cut down manufacturing costs. While the Mini has almost the same functionality as a fully grown iPad, its major drawback is the absence of either the ‘Retina Display’ screen or the previous versions of the screen that the iPad is best known for. The current display is a 1024×768 resilution screen with a 163 inch pixel per inch display. Despite this, the Mini still has all the access to Apple’s products such as the App store, the iTunes and the much beloved Siri. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around and the pricing at US$328 makes it one of the best buys in this category.

The Kindle Fire is the most underrated of all the tablets being reviewed. Firstly, it has a 1280×800 HD display with Dolby dual driver stereo speaker audio set up on both ends of the tablet. Its access to the best marketplaces of digital content, Amazon separates it from the competition, as the user has HBO, GO, Pandora, Netflix at their fingertips. The unlimited Cloud storage too allows for a truly expanded storage feature for the device. It is also able to access Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! It can also access its very own marketplace where upgrades, applications and other bits can help customize the device to the user. While processing power makes the Fire lag compared to the Apple or Google devices, its price and functionality makes it one good investment in mobile computing for you and your family.

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