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Updates on Panda and Penguin

Matt Cutts, speaking before a SES conference in San Francisco last month, announced another round of major changes that would again turn the Web Traffic Optimization world on its head. Google, as Cutts described, is currently in the process and would soon be releasing updates. This means another death knell for companies that have invested time and effort into their SEO campaigns, requiring another round of going back to the SEO strategy fundamentals as well as a review of social networking processes to avoid being hit hard, again.

Many now understand that manipulation of the Internet through purchase of links for advertising purposes is a definite no- no with Google. Many fail to realize that social media platforms are immune to the upcoming updates even from Google.

Cutts admits this by saying, “Google can only use social signals from Open Graph sources. It can’t crawl Facebook pages to see who is reputable, reliable or has real world impact as a brand has on those platforms. (Twitter) is a private service, If Twitter wants to suspend someone’s service, they can. Google was able to crawl Twitter until its deal ended and Google was blocked from crawling those pages for 1.5 months. As such, Google is cautious about using that as a signal – Twitter can shut it off at any time.”

This means that businesses that utilize social media should continue on their social media marketing campaigns. Bots from Google may not be able to check you social media page all the time but with Twitter, Google may be able to shut down these errant SEO strategies and tactics.

Thus for the time being, it is best to forge ahead with your plan, but do be prepared for the coming storm. When your site is compliant with current updates, resulting in great content and high page ranking, avoid making changes. It is best to leave the changes with the experts before being decimated again by a Google update.

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